Innovative Strategies with Higher Standards

  • Building Safe, Committed & Loving foster homes for children ages 6-10.

  • Insisting on COMMITMENT until permanency for all of our foster parents. 

  • Asking and supporting our parents to care for ONLY ONE CHILD or sibling set at time. 

  • Qualified Child Case Workers with small caseloads ensuring weekly support visits.     

       It is not uncommon for foster kids in traditional placements to be neglected and exposed to continuing maltreatment. Traditional foster parents don’t hesitate to ‘give notice’-- return kids they find undesirable -- and replace them with new ones.  As a result, foster kids may end up moving from home to home, as many as 5-8 times a year, and have difficulty securely attaching to anyone or trusting grown-ups to keep them safe. 

Placement Instability = Retraumatization

Solution = Committed and Qualified Foster Parents.

      Here in San Diego, Angels Foster Family Network has implemented an innovative and successful model for infants and babies ages 0-5, proving that high standards and best practices produce high quality foster parents and better outcomes for children. We will modify that model to meet the developmental needs of the 6-10 age group.      

      We will successfully apply rigorous screening, high standards, and family support to parents willing to commit to foster children ages 6-10. It will require additional support, training and therapeutic services for both children and parents. The behavior and emotional issues of repeatedly traumatized children this age will require a universal positive behavior goal program to be implemented by all foster parents.  Beyond unconditional love, these children require consistency, structure and positive reinforcement to enable them to maintain appropriate behavior and learn to express their grief, fear and anger appropriately.